Strong leadership. Vision for the Future. Committed to Community.

The times, more than ever, call for STRONG, COMMITTED, VISIONARY LEADERSHIP
We still do not know the full impact of COVID economically, physically, and emotionally on our residents, but we need to have discussions with them to identify the needs in our community.
Upper Arlington will also be impacted by the significant population growth expected in Central Ohio. We have already begun to see the changes brought about by this growth. Effective leaders will begin these discussions with residents to develop strategies to take on the aftershocks of COVID and the challenges of unprecedented population growth. That is why I am running for Upper Arlington City Council – to be that leader to plan with residents on responsible economic development, to keep our city safe, and to keep our infrastructure up to date, while ensuring UA is a welcoming community for all. 

I grew up in UA and returned to raise my family because UA is a great community of neighbors. I love UA for its unique appeal: proximity to downtown, strong value on education, safe neighborhoods, and quality resources from the parks to the libraries.

I believe the role of local government, at its core, is to ensure effective and efficient use of resources to provide infrastructure and services. The excellence of our community starts with the quality of public works, police and fire, as well as parks and recreation to foster a safe and prosperous community and continues with a thoughtful plan that puts the residents of UA first, particularly as the Central Ohio region experiences significant growth.

My Goals For UA: 

A Clear Vision for the Future: I believe that we need an updated plan for the City. The growth we have experienced, and that Central Ohio will experience, requires a thoughtful and resident-driven plan to ensure we determine how we experience the expected growth. I will work to develop a plan that clearly guides priorities and decisions around development, growth, and infrastructure, and financial stability.

A Community Center Designed and Built with Community Input: Our community voted to support a Community Center. Our next phase will be to design and build a Community Center, based on the needs and input of residents, that meets the expectations set forth by the Community Center Feasibility Task Force. 

A Welcoming Community: I believe governing this community will most effectively be done by listening to all residents to understand their needs and perspectives in order to ask the right questions and make the best decisions. 

Together with strong and committed leadership, we can build upon our cherished past while developing our community for a sustainable future.


Stacy (Rechner) McIntire